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This is a reimbursable grant. If your project is chosen, you must complete the project and turn in all receipts to receive reimbursement for the grant amount awarded.



The Frame The Drain Art Project uses eco-themed art to communicate the importance of protecting our waterways through painted designs on storm drains in Ouachita Parish.

Applicant must be an individual or organization (artist, school, community group, scout troop, etc.) residing in Ouachita Parish. Organizations will need to provide a project contact, and student/youth entrants (grade 7-12) must be sponsored by a teacher or adult willing to coordinate the project from start to finish.

Application Details
Applications can be submitted via email or mail and must be received by 5pm on April 10, 2022. Applicants may only submit one design per person/group.

Artists should submit the completed application form, and a color rendering of your proposed artwork.

Artwork must be original. Designs should symbolize ecology and culture, giving out a community a sense of place, and inspire others to protect our waterways. Vibrant colors are suggested to be highlight the storm drains.

Designs should appear to be flowing into the mouth of the storm drain and contain the phrase “drains to the river” “drains to the Ouachita” “only rain down the drain” or a similar message that promotes an environmental conscious practice for our waterways. Message should be legible and at least 4 inches in height. Designs must not be edited after submission.

Work will be highly public and therefore must be appropriate to be viewed by all ages. Designs may not resemble graffiti or tagging.

A panel will convene to review the applications. Four projects will be chosen based on criteria described in this document. Submissions that are not chosen will be filed and considered as the project expands. Artist will be notified if and when their designs are selected.

Artist will paint submitted designs onto a predetermined storm drain chosen/assigned by Ouachita Green. A $250 stipend will be provided for artist to purchase environmentally safe/road grade paint and topcoat receipts must be turned in and paint approved before installation is started. Safety Vest and cones will be provided for the artist to use during the installation process. Once submitted and chosen the artist grants Ouachita Green the following exclusive rights; Use for promotional and educational purposes. The right to remove artwork if damaged or vandalized.

Terms of Agreement
All artist selected for the Frame the Drain Art Project shall agree to the following:
The artwork submitted is original, solely owned by the artist. The art submitted will not be duplicated by the artist outside of the Frame the Drain Project. The final design on the storm drain will match the artist original design submitted with the application except for scale.

The artwork may be removed at any time due to damage, or to accommodate infrastructure improvements. An additional $250 stipend will be awarded upon completion of each drain. Each project has a total budget of $500 no exceptions. All unused paint must be properly disposed of or recycled. Artist must agree to be cautious during installations to avoid paint being washed down the drains.


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